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If you have ever walked through our front doors then you know that we are different.  In fact there is a huge sign located in our lobby that says, “welcome to different!”  The reason the message is printed on our wall is this…

Whenever people ask our clients about their experience, they typically state “It’s just different.”  So let’s talk about what makes us different.

#1  We focus on alignment, not simply getting adjusted.

You see traditionally chiropractors put the adjustment on a pedestal, but it’s really about being IN alignment that creates long standing benefits and results.  Our goal of treatment is to actually have to adjust you less.

You are probably asking yourself,”Really How do you do that?”  That leads us to #2.

#2 The Nervous System.

We use nerve system testing at the beginning and end of every visit.  The technology we use is known as digital infrared thermography.  Thermography is a well recognized test to measure the function of the nerve system.  Thermography is quickly being used in medical facilities for early detection of tumors and cancer. In our office we use thermography to make sure we actually did something!  That’s right, it’s not about popping, cracking, hearing loud noises or simply feeling better (which typically happens anyway when the body is performing optimally).  Our care is about creating the proper internal environment so individuals can heal.  Thermography allows our doctors to know if they have actually made an adjustment and if they should leave you alone.

#3.We don’t heal you.  

This may sound obvious and simple but it's a pretty big deal.  The only person that can heal your illness, pain, and suffering is you! No really it it!  I know sometimes you want to give me credit, another doctor, or a surgeon.  I'll be honest, sometimes I even want to take credit, but I can’t directly heal you!

So why do you need us?  

Well here is the deal, if we can help your body create the proper INTERNAL conditions, it WILL Heal! 

Listen, you are not in complete control of your outside environment and you never will be!  It's a big world out there, and guess what?  Your outside environment is not solely responsible for your healing journey.  Your outside environment consists of foods, air quality, supplements, medication, water purity, and temperature.  Could you imagine trying to control all that?  In fact, if you would try, how stressed do you think you'd be?....and if you're stressed, your internal environment is going to take a serious toll!

So let's focus on building your INTERNAL Environment!

The system that controls your internal environment is called your nervous system (brain, brainstem, spinal cord, nerves).  Your nerve system controls and coordinates every cell, tissue, and organ in the body. I know I know it sounds too easy....but.

Can you take 2 cells and create a baby?  Can you turn food in to energy?  Can you make sure oxygen gets in to your blood and goes to all the places it needs to go?  Can you be your very own immune system? 

Your Nervous System is often overlooked by mainstream health but plays a vital role in your recovery, healing, and well being.  The nervous system is involved in many conditions such as fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, chronic pain and symptoms, seizures, ADHD, and pretty much any condition that is chronic by nature.

How's your internal system working?

…..Never been checked?  Here’s your chance.

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